With Superliker’s gamified loyalty programs you can unlock the full potential of your customers making them better buyers, best ambassadors of your brand and best participants of your marketing activities. For this reason we've designed the following modules with which you can enrich the experience of your customers in the loyalty program and encourage them to be more profitable and loyal to you.

Multimedia Module

The Multimedia Module allows to the participants upload images, text or URL of Youtube videos, so you can configure dynamics in which your community members can participate with photos, videos or stories. You can also configure the module to give points for the content uploaded during your contest or activation.

Gifts Module

This module allows you to configure dynamics in which participants can send virtual gifts to their friends and earn points for it if you wish. The virtual gifts as images or videos accompanied by texts that can be generated by the contest administrator or by each of the participants. You can also award points for gifts sent and accepted.

Questions and Answers Module

Create the most exciting contests of questions and answers! Your participants can respond openly or choose from predefined answers. If the answer is correct you can configure the system to automatically assign points to the participant. You can also give points manually.

Invitations Module

The Invitations module can provide participants a graphical interface for them to invite their friends to your activation or contest from their desktop computer or mobile device. If you want you can award points for invitations sent and/or accepted and thus encourage the viralization of your activation.